I write and record songs, I produce others, I manage charities, I write and facilitate citizenship learning.

I’m based in Harlow, Essex. This site is for those looking for me for professional reasons. Personal and social media elsewhere.

Where have I been all your life? Have a listen to the tunes I write play and sing.

“wonderfully mature intelligent songs… Andy Thornton is surely one of those musicians who measures success and failure in the quality of the music, not in the units ‘moved'”, said Maverick Magazine.

Well quite frankly I’d appreciate more units, but see what you think…

I’ve been producing, arranging, playing, recording and mixing for nearly 30 years. I work with songwriters to help them get what they want out of their music and have a great set up to get it on record.

If that’s you, check out the production link – and let’s talk.

 Sometimes my life looks more like this. I’m a global master trainer for the British Council’s Active Citizens programme. I’ve also been the Chief Executive of a national charity and done many other things, meaning I’ve got perspective and skills. I like to creatively join up life’s many dots. It can get very beautiful. Some of it is on this page about my work.

Sometimes people contact me in relation to things I’ve done in days gone by. So I’ve put them into this section so they’re easily unearthed. This web site was originally made to celebrate my late wife, Donna Ferrigan/Thornton and I have put this here too.

I’m social and on many music sites too