Christmas 2019 Special

Give your special someone a unique gift (or let them buy you one!)

Make it unique
A unique present for a special someone?
Or maybe your special someone will buy you the chance to record your favourite tune?
Either way round - if you think it's time to ditch the socks, smells and DVDs and create something enduring and personal, my December offer should get you what you have been looking for!



Why me why now?

My skilled and sympathetic understanding of what musicians are aiming to produce will help you create a gem. I can get great sounds out of great gear (have a listen to my recordings below and judge for yourself) and help you get where you want to go to.

Choose your song(s) and come for a day and we'll record a unique gift. Take it away on CD, as a file, or we can upload it to stream.

What happens on the day?

I'm in Old Harlow -  3 miles off the M11. We take time to work through your songs before we record, making sure we've got the best structure and arrangement ideas.

If we decide to do a fuller arrangement e.g. with drums bass and multiple instruments, we get to work on making that arrangement. I play guitar, bass, keys, percussion and programme drums. I chuck in ideas - you choose if you like them or not. I have thousands of sampled instruments and 30 years expereince of using them. We can move quickly!
The perfect vocal
Once we've got a polished recording of the live instruments it's time for the vocals.
We'll take a break before you sing, leaving time for you to do a number of recordings so that your final version is just as you want it!
That usually takes a day (10 am to 6pm) - though if you are doing a lighter arrangement e.g. your vocals, guitar plus a few more instruments, we can do more songs. Your choice.
Mixing and Mastering
Then - your Christmas Present from me - I will mix it for you for free! I can send it to you for feedback and can do up to 3 revisions if you don't like it.
Check out other pages on this site to see what's available technically or answer any other questions you might have, or contact me direct for a chat with no obligation!
A unique gift!

Once finished your song is a wav file ready to be uploaded or pressed. Now it conveys your creativity and personality to those who will enjoy what you've got to say and the way you say it!

Or if you want to drop a hint that this is the present you'd like for Christmas - get your generous friend to contact me... you can have a voucher to redeem next year!

The best asset in any studio is the owner

The way a song is crafted is ultimately more important than the way it’s recorded. Though both should (and can) be great of course.

So if you know all of that or have a band that’s rehearsed and ready to go – then shop around – you’ll find more equipment elsewhere! But you won’t necessarily sound as good… what matters for songwriters and duos is how we get everything feeling and sounding right. That is where the magic begins and your song comes to life.

Then what matters when you’re recording is a skilled and sympathetic understanding of what you’re trying to produce. And of course the ability to get great sounds out of great gear. Have a listen to my recordings and judge for yourself. Like most producers today I work ‘in the box’ with high quality digital, loads of great analogue emulation through plugins, and just a few choice mics. Why?

I’m set up to work quickly with one or two people, to work through loads of ideas and then get ready to play them on great sounding instruments. That’s why my guitar and mics cost thousands and I play (and programme drums) like someone who’s been doing it all his life. It’s also why the room is carefully acoustically treated to be neutral so that the mix can be treated to best effect. That’s how it stays creative and enjoyable, making the most of the flow.

My skill is helping you get where you want to go to.

We’d start by meeting up and checking you think that would work: play through your ideas and see what we shape up. That’s what I’d want from someone like me!

You choose.

What’s in the room?


  • Cubase 10.5 Pro – through Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 & Focusrite Voicemaster Pro Preamps
  • Adam, Yamaha, Alesis monitors, Alesis Multimix 16 digital out mixer
  • AER acoustic and Fender Mustang guitar amps

Virtual Instruments:

  • Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 with 30+ kits and thousands of real drummer MIDI grooves in hundreds of styles
  • EZKeys plus many other piano libraries including the gigantic Waves Grand Rhapsody Piano
  • Kontakt 6 with pro library + hundreds of other instruments inc great percussion, B3 organs etc
  • Classic analogue and digital synth plugins inc DX7, Roland Suite, Korg Wavestation then all the fancy new ones in Cubase
  • Izotope and Waves plugins including Abbey Road suite, Shepps and Neve emulators, awesome reverbs… amp simulators, editing and pitch correction… all the tricks.

Real instruments:

  • Yamaha Arius weighted digital piano
  • Taylor E814ce First edition top range acoustic
  • Yairi hand made acoustic
  • Big Baby Taylor acoustic with Nashville tuning
  • 12 string, lap steel, Epiphone 339 semi acoustic, Washburn bass guitars
  • Djembe, Cajon, bongos, shakers and hand held percussion of all kinds, Mapex kit for snares & cymbals (can’t record the whole thing)


  • Neumann TLM103,  AKG 451, Shure SM58, Behringer C1


Listen to examples

Here are some tracks recorded recorded at my place.

I’m playing / programming all the instruments on my tracks, and some on the other by Tim Eveleigh.